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18. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed by Sean Williams

Having heard someone else's hearsay about how good the storyline would be, I finally cracked open the book and finished it (along with three magazines) on my recent business trip to Orange County. At first, it seemed like the storyline was great. I was excited by what I thought was the realization of some long ago hinted at plot lines, and new mythology. Instead, everything turned out to be just as it was written--no unique plot twists, and everything fairly predictable. In essence, the story could be called "How the Rebel Alliance got their Emblem", which actually how exciting the story turned out to be.

Dear Star Wars authors,

Please do not go back to your cruddy slipshod ways of writing Star Wars universe novels. The New Jedi Order showed how a coherent preplanned storyline is much better than haphazard one-shot novels.

With Love and Hope,


While on WoWbatical.......

17. Wrath of a Mad God: Book Three of the Darkwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist

It's amazing how much a book can grab you and not let you put it down when you decide to read it in the afternoon versus late at night right before succumbing to sleep.


Perhaps I became too involved in Season 1 Dexter, but when encountering a portion of the floor covered in plastic wrap on the way to the bathroom, I became slightly nervous.

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16. Being a Green Mother by Piers Anthony

I'd go into much more detail about how I cannot decide if the first book about Death or this one is my favorite and how I am surprised Piers Anthony is still alive and writing including releasing an eighth Incarnations of Immortality book last December. I'd probably even mention how I am now even more unsure manwhoreforhire has the next book about Satan, which I am especially keen to read after this last book.

But I am entirely too depressed about WoW and my guild so I'll leave it at that.
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midnight movie

We saw one of four sold-out midnight showings of The Dark Knight last night and didn't go to asleep until some time close to 4am.

It's been so long since I've gone to a midnight opening (Episode III I think). It was totally worth it. Awesome Movie!!

*sleepy now*
Force Within

belated birthday weekend post

The first part of July always seems to fly by for me every year. I get so focused on my birthday on the 7th, life seems to just rush by those first 15 days of the month before I realize it.

For my birthday weekend, manwhoreforhire took me to a swanky resort near Monterey. The place we stayed was a surprise to me until the day before we left, and we entered the weekend with a multitude of things we wanted to do. Sheer logic cut down the number of things we managed to accomplish though.

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So we had big plans for the weekend (lots of driving and visiting places) but instead, we stayed close to where we were and relaxed, which was just what we needed. Thanks to everyone for their food recommendations. I am now tempted to try a day trip to Santa Cruz just to try out some of those places. You can find trip pictures here if you are interested (if I can continue to be good about using my camera, I can think of upgrading for a quicker, cleared camera).

A belated thank you all for your birthday wishes. Now back to life with its raiding guild drama and midnight showings of Batman (hopefully!).

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15. Wielding a Red Sword by Piers Anthony

So far, this has been my least favorite novel of the series. It's less intriguing and more straight-forward then the other novels. I like the intrigue and mystery in the other books.

Now I have to find book 5 Being a Green Mother.


14. WIth a Tangled Skein by Piers Anthony

I gobbled it up within days. Now to read the Mars, Incarnation of War, book, who is one of the least focused on Incarnations so far.

Keeper of Confusing

13. Bearing an Hourglass by Piers Anthony

I went into this book expecting it to be very complicated like everyone had warned me. Time travel logic makes my head hurt as a general rule so I just tried taking all the time theories at their surface level and tried not thinking to deeply about it. Overall, I think this led me to liking this book very much, but then again, I did go into it with low expectations.

One question I have is why does Piers Anthony ramble so much in his author's notes?

Next up: With a Tangled Skein