Decline to State (ktbee) wrote,
Decline to State

Minor Accomplishments

Working full-time again (I was working 20 hours a week before) for a little over a week now has provided me with more focus. More focus but less time to take care of all those pesky household chores. Thankfully, manwhoreforhire has now volunteered to unload the dishwasher all the time. We'll see if this resolution actually lasts......

In the last week, I've managed to finish one book I've been meaning to read for almost two year though. Sadly, even though it left me with a vague sense of loss at the end, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress will forever be etched in my mind not as great literature but a really f%$king hard charade title from years back. I have mahdi to thank for that. Neither I nor anyone else on my team had ever heard of it and "harsh" is really hard to get people to guess in charades. Nothing easily acted out even rhymes with "harsh"; as it was I had to do some questionable charading to even get them to guess "mistress".

I also managed to actually use my recently-bought Good Eats: The Early Years cookbook instead of just pawing through it and putting it on a shelf to collect dust. I made the "traditional but anything but bland pot roast" on Monday during a nice storm. It came out quite tasty and manwhoreforhire easily gobbled up half of it.

Add these to the fact I went grocery shopping on Saturday with two of the most hyperactive boys in existance, and then drove to Chico to help gravilim put together her kitchen (including white girl ninja runs to discard of boxes) for a day, I feel more productive last week than while working part-time. I just hope it can last.

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