Decline to State (ktbee) wrote,
Decline to State

my 15 minutes of fame

If you remember, my little sister was married in May. She and her wedding party (myself included) won free makeup and hair in exchange for participating in a reality show contest. Neopoleon Perdis, famous Austrailian makeup artist, was searching for his next protegy and doing the makeup of this wedding party was one of the challenges for the contestants.

Well, the show is finally airing for all those who were interested. The wedding party episode primeres tomorrow morning at 7am on TLC. The show is called "Get Your Face On". Our episode is called "Kiss and Make-up!". I have not seen it and am slightly trepidatious about the whole thing. Sadly, I have not yet splurged on TiVo so I might have to wait until Christmas when my sister brings down the DVD she got of the episode.

I am interested in seeing how they edited the whole thing. My mother tells me my sister saw a promo where one of the contestants says "I hope the bride is not a bridezilla" and then there is a shot of my sister saying "I like things to be perfect, I want perfection".

I hope the show is amusing.

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