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Minor Accomplishments

Working full-time again (I was working 20 hours a week before) for a little over a week now has provided me with more focus. More focus but less time to take care of all those pesky household chores. Thankfully, manwhoreforhire has now volunteered to unload the dishwasher all the time. We'll see if this resolution actually lasts......

In the last week, I've managed to finish one book I've been meaning to read for almost two year though. Sadly, even though it left me with a vague sense of loss at the end, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress will forever be etched in my mind not as great literature but a really f%$king hard charade title from years back. I have mahdi to thank for that. Neither I nor anyone else on my team had ever heard of it and "harsh" is really hard to get people to guess in charades. Nothing easily acted out even rhymes with "harsh"; as it was I had to do some questionable charading to even get them to guess "mistress".

I also managed to actually use my recently-bought Good Eats: The Early Years cookbook instead of just pawing through it and putting it on a shelf to collect dust. I made the "traditional but anything but bland pot roast" on Monday during a nice storm. It came out quite tasty and manwhoreforhire easily gobbled up half of it.

Add these to the fact I went grocery shopping on Saturday with two of the most hyperactive boys in existance, and then drove to Chico to help gravilim put together her kitchen (including white girl ninja runs to discard of boxes) for a day, I feel more productive last week than while working part-time. I just hope it can last.
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I am working on a draft of my statement of purpose for a Master's program. Being true to form, I am hurrying to finish this and get my letters of recommendation secured by the end of June. I was highly motivated when I began this process about a month ago but right around the same time, life started throwing giant, painful hurdles in my way.

Anyhoo, I've always known I have a tendency to overuse several words when I write. Specifically, I always seem to want to start every other sentence with "However". I don't know if I am just contrary when I write. I have such perfectionist tendencies it slows down the writing process because I am so focused on not using the same words over and over.

Also, I have noticed Statement of Purpose advice websites have contradicting advice, which is annoying though gives me hope there is no one "right" way to do it.

Back to the draft........
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Never a mattress around when you need one....

Does anyone have a mattress they need to get rid of? My older sister is currently in need of one, but manwhoreforhire and I have decided to keep my old one for his boys to use (and passing down the bunk beds to his sister for her twins).

I'm probably a year too late, but just wanted to see if anyone had one lying around they needed to get rid of.
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Step One: Completed

Just mailed off a transcript request to UC Davis. Once I have my transcript, I will have a list of all the classics classes I took so I can prepare background information to all my letter of recommendation writers (*fingers crossed*). It feels out planning to request recommendation letters from people who will also determine if I get in the Post-Bacc program, but that is the way of things.

Up next: while I am waiting for my transcript, I can start drafting my statement of purpose. It's been hard enough figuring that out in life the last couple years, but now I get to write an awesome (hopefully) one page statement.
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Free Vaccuum

I have a 5 year old vacuum. It works decently and has all its parts, though it sadly was not up to snuff with my mother who bought me a vacuum for Xmas.

Just want to see if anyone out in LJ land could use it before I craigslist it or lug it to the Goodwill.

my 15 minutes of fame

If you remember, my little sister was married in May. She and her wedding party (myself included) won free makeup and hair in exchange for participating in a reality show contest. Neopoleon Perdis, famous Austrailian makeup artist, was searching for his next protegy and doing the makeup of this wedding party was one of the challenges for the contestants.

Well, the show is finally airing for all those who were interested. The wedding party episode primeres tomorrow morning at 7am on TLC. The show is called "Get Your Face On". Our episode is called "Kiss and Make-up!". I have not seen it and am slightly trepidatious about the whole thing. Sadly, I have not yet splurged on TiVo so I might have to wait until Christmas when my sister brings down the DVD she got of the episode.

I am interested in seeing how they edited the whole thing. My mother tells me my sister saw a promo where one of the contestants says "I hope the bride is not a bridezilla" and then there is a shot of my sister saying "I like things to be perfect, I want perfection".

I hope the show is amusing.
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the wicked years?

Nothing says Happy Friday like spilling hot water on my hands right when I get to work. Ow.

19. A Lion Among Men: Volume Three in the Wicked Years

I've loved Wicked for years now but I am not quite sure when it became The Wicked Years.

In most of Maguire's works, the first 3/4ths of the story are fantastic--great details, characterizations, and plot lines. Then 3/4ths of the way in, his story falls apart a bit and he rushes to get to his ending leaving me feel a bt dissatisfied. When I went to a book signing of his years ago, someone asked about his writing process. He said he writes out an outline of the story, then he starts writing. When he gets about 3/4ths of the way in, he looks at where he wants to go and then makes the story end up there. Yup, I thought, that sounds about right.

This book, however, was the opposite of that. The first part of the book is a bit confusing and jumbled. Part of that is on purpose considering the Lion is not sure of his origins. In addition, there are people, places and events not realy fully explained. However, the story and all its parts come together into a great, complete and satisfying ending. I'm interested in what Maguire has planned next for this Wicked Years saga.

snuggling ginger ale

I've been recovering from what I suspect is food poisoning since Monday night. Damn Panda Express and their cream cheese rangoons!!

manwhoreforhire has been wonderful as usual--rubbing my back as I retch everything in my stomach over the course of 7 hours, getting me gatorade, making me cream of wheat, and even taking a day off work to snuggle me as we watch season 2 of "Arrested Development".

Hopefully I perk up a bit before tonight otherwise I am going to spend a second year in row being home sick on Halloween :(
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Two weeks putting up an ad on Craigslist selling a kitchen table for $20--0 replies

One afternoon after listing the table for free--7 replies

Eeeek now I have to pick someone.